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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


seem like quite a long time no update my blog already
haiz...i'm sick now...
feel very unwell and unhappy
hope i will recover as fast as soon
i will go SINGAPORE for a trip with my family tonight...
and i wil back here at 29 morning~
god bless me~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Colour of My Hair 18/11

I went Central with ah Yik again....
I bought a box of dark brown hair dye
it was chosen by ah Yik...
i met laki at there..she came with her sis...
and i saw she baught so many clothes...omg..
she really is a "shopping queen"...XD
we stayed at there for abt 2 hours only...
then,i went back to ah yik's house and then started  to dye my hair...
she was so professional...hahaha
i waited for abt 1 hour and then washed my hair...
my hair changed to dark brown and a bit red..
i like tis kind of colour...
it was so nice....
it was suitable for me...
i look younger now....
we went Tesco to buy sportshoes...
we took photo at there  XD
we were so abnormal...
all of u can see the difference of my hair between after dying and before dying....
i wan to say i miss my friends here~~~

it's the time to show pictures~~~

we are acting cute XD

Class Party 17/11

We held our class party on 17/11 at Tasty Corner~
actually the time was 7.30P.M
but almost of them were late including me... XD
anyway...this wont  influent our mood~~
we took so many photos and ate so many food~
i love tomyam steambot so much~
it let me felt its hotness and spicyness~
wohooo~so many words but i just can say it was hot and spicy~
i love it~
the funniest thing was whn they were taking photo i said "neng som sam"(1,2,3)
make them laugh non-stop
then,we talked loudly at there and laughed loudly...
anyway,we didn't care about the others
there was our planet..haha
however,our cuttiest face make the workers there didn't stop us~ shy eh...
i love 2.2
i wan to say that without that AUTOCRAZY people,we spent our happiest time at there....
i hope that i will different class with him next year...
god bless me~~ 

it's the time to show pic lor~~~
 yi jia^^
 ah miao ^^

 ah tze^^
 ah miao bully me~
 a big family~~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fullstop of Our Form 2 Life 11/11

Today is the last school day~
and the fullstop of our form 2 life
it was a memorable,enjoyable and heavy-hearted day
tis year passes as fast as thunder~
i dont wanna put a fullstop at my form 2 life....
an insane life....
 however, we cant control the time from flowing...passing...
 even though we are the richest man in the whole world
 i felt wanna cry....
it was a crazy life...
a fairytale life.....
whn i played together with my friends...
i felt very very  happy and crazy
no one can even make me feel like tis~
i ♥ this kind of life~
today i bought MC Donald to school~
i bought 9 MC Chicken and 2 Spicy chicken~
whatever valerie bought a blueberry cake to school~
yummy yummy ^^
we had our "cake party" in our class~
so yeng~~~
we sang song and played in the class~
i cant sang well because i'm sick....
when they heard my sound...they laugh non-stop..
 valerie,yeeling wong and i bring phone to school
all of us take so many pic...
it wil become our beautiful memory....
the funniest thing is my camera shot jor...
laki and a miao fixed the camera...XD
At the end we hug tightly....
i felt heavy-hearted....
i felt wanna to cry....
whn i hug bee xin...i really feeling  want to cry...
i dont knw when i can see her again...
i dont knw when we can talk again....
i dont knw when we can sing song together again....
i will miss u~♥
i will miss all of u,my friends~
all of u are awesome!!!
pls dont 4get me~
even though we will separate at one day
 but our memories are meaningful~
i will treasure.....

its the time to show today pic~~
 = =|| i'm dancing~
 My mum~~
 Blueberry Cake~

 elena with me
 = =
in jail???
laki and me~
 Ying and Xin
wt r they doing???

Xin and Ying
Ying and Me
= =
Y i laugh like tis??
2 leng lui XD
 Siao Kia~~
Ki Hiao = =
Xin and Me~
 Wt is bee xin looking 4?
 Wt r they doing???
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