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Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 school days.....

my school days were past 1 week this week i just felt tired and tired,sleepy and sleepy....even though i was slept every early every days~i think it's no enough much time for me to sleep=.= haha~anyway, i must try to change my sleep~~the 1st week,the teachers always blah blah blah,said something was useless....i cant hear the teacher's voice at all because i sat very very back~come on,i'm very short too =.=and i be the monitor of the class~i had to do so many things...this makes me felt very pressure...i dont knw i can carry out or not...this is a big challenge for me...erm...of course i will do my best la~i'm form 3 now and i will sitting for PMR this year.....a sad thing to me.....i cant enjoy my holiday anymore until my PMR finish~T.T fighting!!!!!!!!