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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


oh ya,blogging again~its start feel bored in this holiday~oh no,this is not what do i want~i want a crazy holidays~but not everything seem like we think~i wont sleep unless the clock show me is 2am already in this few days~wow~i hav trouble because this habit~XD
ok,back to the title~i was crazy-ing Danboard now~it look like very cute.i saw the blogger posted the danboard pictures and the pictures were took by themselves~it was so unimaginable~artsy photo!!!i like it!!

after that,i want to show the pictures was taken by M.Ying's bf~i think his photo not bad too so i post here~he got opened a page about danboard too~HIS PAGE click this~support him~

 i like this picture most~:)

i hope that i will get my own danboard one day~but it is too expensive la~:)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautiful Sunday~

hi~all my dear friends~what a beautiful sunday yar~hoho
today ah yik and i spend whole day with our drama and computer~ya,you are right,she is stays in my house now~XD 
we watched "天堂牧场" korean drama~nice drama~i like it~
alright,today we cooked and played like a crazy~
oh ya~what crazy things do we done??we polished our nail with colourful colour-blue~
wahaha~our nails are blue in colour now~my mum bought a set of PAVIAR skin care~
i just can say no cheap har~thank you my mum~~~
beside that,ah yik also bought a set of THE BODY SHOP skin care too~no bad yar~~
i just changed my blog's song~

let us see today pictures~

sharp right??XD

Saturday, May 28, 2011


wohoo....finally exam was passed and the holidays is starting now~relax relax relax~~~
today,i were hang out with ah yik~we were quite along time no hang out together already~XD
happy happy~i bought so many things and took photo too~
erm...after exam,it was a chance for me to relax~i ♥ shopping very much~
and then,we tried to do hand mask just RM5 only!!!the company is doing promotion nw!!the promotion just until tomorrow only!!my hands become very white and smooth nw~hehe
just in then central opposite the KFC only~go try,if not you sure regret!!

today pictures~~

 today look~

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Q.Ying&B.Xin Birthday Party1/5

today,i was felt very excited and high~cant describe my feel nw~~~
because today is Q.Ying&B.Xin birthday party~~~
i was wake up early in the morning-8.00a.m/`very early right??it's not my style la~it's tooo early~but they were earlier than me~bee xin kia was wake up at 6.00++~so crazy for meXD
wohooo~stop this and back to our title~after i make-up and dress a beautiful red dress~i went out with my mum to have my breakfast~after that i went Q.Ying's house 1st~B.Xin and Y.Ling were reached there faster than me~~very surprise yar~~then X.Tze reached there after me~~we took many photo at her house used S.Yan's Nikon camera~nice shoot~i like it~
we went central about 1.00pm~and then,M.Ying shopping with her bf la~dont want choi us lo~this means is "重色轻友"~haha~then we back Q.Ying house and started our BBQ party~~we took so many photos~

stay tune~
 wohoo~2 leng lui birthday~^^
 today style~
 Q.Ying and me very hardworking,still doing our homework~
 like this picture very much~we took this picture in the shop when we were choosed the clothes for B.Xin~
 Finally,this shirt is so nice and suitable B.Xin~i present B.Xin this~isn't it nice??
we bought pizza and took away~
 good take~
 Q.Ying,Y.Ling and me~~
wow wow~let the party started~:)
 like a family photo lar~XD
 yoyoyo~i'm playing piano~it feel so good~XD
 2 leng lui~edit by Minee G
 we are rocker!!!!!!!let us rock the night!!!
 Q.Ying shoulder make me feel warm~~~
ok,act cute again~please dont ignored me~
bbq was started nw~~
shoulder again~~
watermelon queens~~~