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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Alate post again~i think i had no time to blogging again because PMR is coming soon!!!!arhh,i hate it~
back to the tittle~:)Bong,Q.Ying,S.Yan,Q.Yan,S.Nee, M.Ying hang out again~~
we went to watch GREEN LANTERN~
i ate 2 times sushi there XD i'm a fatty girl~hahaha
and ate oldtown too~XD

let's see the pictures~

Saturday, June 18, 2011


M.Ying,Q.Ying ,Y.Ling and me joined an activity at our school today~:)
this activity is created by THE ONE ACADEMY~
we art on shoes~i cant imagine us can art on shoesXD
it was so fun and enjoyable~it was a nice experience for us~haha

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


hi,my lovely readers~ my friends with me were celebrated X.Tze birthday on 6/6~
actually X.Tze birthday was on 9/6 but she celebrated her birthday early at vm lo~~
we make a surprised for she~hehe~we planed this surprise quite a long time leh~
ah miao went bought a chocolate cake then when she reached vm,we all stayed in k-box sang song,suddenly,ah miao took the cake came inside and we all sang birthday song~
i knew she was very touching~XD
our plan was successfully~hahaha~
but,unluckily.....we bought starbuck coffee to go k-box~when i want to drink my coffee....
i think the coffee like my shirt very much har~XD
the coffee drained on my shirt~i shouted=,=
i had no idea what should i do><
then ah miao and me went bought a body glove shirt~i like it too~
hahaha~after k-box we went bites to have our lunch~~
we ate until RM100++~lol~~

let see pictures~:)

 what are them doing??
 =,=acting cute again~

fish and chips~:)


Sunday, June 5, 2011


today was a beautiful day~today morning was raining, we were worried about it because we want to go to PULAU AMAN for celebrated my aunt's birthday~but we had to continued our plan even thought it was raining~XD
lalalala~luckily,when we reached there,it was stopped raining and hot sun was came out~arhhh....hate it so much~
we went there to eat seafood~the seafood at there is fresh~i ordered a mee goreng udang and most of them ordered mee udang~it's prawns were very big and fresh~like like~^^
and then we bought some “lai niu ha",crabs and prawn there~and the restaurant helped us to steam the seafood~
it was special to me~i ever never taste the fresh seafood like this before~yummy yummy~:)

i became the camera girl to help them took photo~haha~let us see the pictures~:)

 this uncle was very funny~XD