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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Meet Anthony Neely at Gurney&Auto City~13/3

today look~

oh my god!!!yesterday was a super day to me~it's was so so so crazy!!i cant believe that i saw Anthony Neely  yesterday!!!it's really unbelievable!!!wahahaha~~
i went there with my sis and her bf~~actually we didn't decide to go Gurney but we reached there about 4.15p.m so we were late~but never mind we can saw Anthony too~
there was so many people at there~thus,i cant saw my Anthony clearly~T.T
qiu ing and ai wei had went there too~but i didn't meet them~
do u saw me yesterday???hehe~~
Anthony likes blue colour~~i want to say:me tooo~~

let see the picture at Gurney first~
my Anthony was so cute~~~

then,we go Auto City!!!!we reached there about 7.00p.m~and i bought his album,thus i can saw him nearly~~~~he was so cute~~~i love him so much!!!
there was so many peoples~he sang 3 song that is "sorry that i loved you","散场的拥抱",“末日快乐"
his soung was so sweetly~i felt so happy about this~~~everyone like him so much!!

Auto City picture~

we reached home about 10+++~i wanna thanks my sis and her bf here!!thanks for fecth me to see my lovely Anthony~and then this is Anthony's album and his sign!!!!!i got his sign!!!omg!!!!!i heard his all song last night!!!!i always thinking about his sound!!!!i just can say about i love him!!!!!


i can't forget this so important day!!no matter how the world change,i still support you!!