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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year~

5,4,3,2,1....happy new year,guys~this year was passed by as fast as a lightning~actually i look countdown,this thing as a simple more excited no more happy no more excitement....this year had so many unhappy things were happened...i'm feeling unwell in this year...i think can use "lonely" to describe now my feeling...can u feel it??i hate crowd,i hate the place that is fill with a lot of people...i dont know what is the reason...i had finished read a book today,the book is "precisely out of control" wrote by Giddens(九把刀)~my favorite writer~i'm thinking about death...everything happened is for a reason...okay,back to the a new year 2011,i wish i will get a good result in PMR and i wish i will become a better in girl~a new year a new hope and a new tuition schedule too~omg....i just realised that my whole week is full with tuition except saturday~i cant imagine what kind of school life will be...T.T come on,my school life!!!!

 my new shoes~Vincci
my new bag!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

VM Day❤

hello,my lovely reader...i was hang out with miao,ah sim and yan today~we went to watch "Gurlliver's Travel"~actually,this was my second time to watch this movie~i had watched this movie at the last night~but...the machine had some problems last night...when we watched until half of the movie,the screen suddenly changed into green in colour~all said "wow" together =,= okay,this situation repeated 3 times~the cinema was so..... i never ever seen the cinema like this before~finally,the staff said cant watched already and give us as a refund~luckily,the machine was okay today~^^actually,"Gurlliever"s Travel" is a novel by Anglo-Irish writer and clergyman Jonathan Swift that is both a satire on human nature and a parody of the "travellers' tales" literary sub-genre. It is Swift's best known full-length work, and a classic of English literature.if u  wan to know more about "Gurlliver"s Travel" ,click this~and then, we walked to Autumn to have our tea time~hehe~i felt very very tired today....i will post today picture later,i must get today picture from ah sim~that's all~night~

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way~ oh, is Christmas~a big day for everybody~i would like to say Merry Christmas here!but..i'm not enjoy Christmas at tze and valerie will change to another class to study~ok,what should i say??thats great or what??speechless....erm...the reason need to change class is they are too naughty!!haha =,= i think the day is boring without them,i cant imagine my life without them!!!i think tis was a big christmas present for me....i dislike tze will change to 33 and valerie will change to 37~even though we wont stay in the same class but this will not influence our friendship~xin tze was very worried of this~haiz...its ok~i'm alone for christmas and stayed at house whole day!!cool man....a "good" christmas!awesome!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hi,everyone~the title today is my dream of island!!!!!!tat is Maldives!!!!oh my goodness!!!i think everyone has their own dream~my dream is when i grow up and marry,i wan go to the Maldives for my lovely honeymoon~~there was so romantic and there has my lovely beach!!!! Many couples choose wedding over there!!!Westerners like to call the Maldives as the "lost paradise ", but the Maldives word in the local Dhivehi (Di Beixi language) is the "island kingdom, " meaning, the ancient Indians learn the Portuguese called her "island Wreath " (Garland of islands).this is the best place for newlywed to honeymoon~i swear i will go their!!!!!Maldives,pls wait 4 me!!!!!!i ♥ Maldives~i ♥ beach~i ♥ blue sea~~i♥blue sky~thats why i love blue colour~it make me feel freedom and comfortable~would all of you like it too??


today,i wan to introduce a nice song,it's name is "不能"~it is a korean song,i like it so much~i think all of you after listen this song will like it too~this song's singer is "美"-a nice singer,her voice very soft,i feel very comfortable~this song is a korean drama "秘密花园"'s team song~i like it so much!!!!hope all of you will like it!!support "秘密花园"!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Shopping Day 19/12

oh my goodness~i think i didn't update my blog about 3 weeks ald~the 1st reason tat i didn't update quite a long time is lazy~~i hate holiday so much because i sure become a fatty girl and my name wil change to fatty nee =.=...ok,back to today title~i went Penang with my family today.We went thr abt 10.00a.m but i woke up at 7.30a.m=.= it was very imaging right??1st,we went Balik Pulau to eat laksa~~it was so delicious and i love it so much~Next, we straightly went Qeensbay Mall~trafic jam was over there~shit!!!all are MALAY!!!!hate this!!!ok,cool down~I bought so many shirts and dresses today~felt happy ~~~I love Padini,Kitchen and Geornado and i love my mum too~p.s:not because she bought so many things 4 me~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A U-Turn of My Life....

 Everyone has a dream,everyone has the qualification to success in their own dreams....
but....what is my dream??dreaming??
we had to give up so many things...but what did we get at the end??
we get nothing!!wtf!!
i should a better girl and the best girl in this world
my life just like an open highway,a straight road...
i had arranged everything,i had done what do i want.... want to start a new life...i had turned a U-turn in my life...
everything will be changes...but what i'm not sure how could it be changes ....
just leave it....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


seem like quite a long time no update my blog already
haiz...i'm sick now...
feel very unwell and unhappy
hope i will recover as fast as soon
i will go SINGAPORE for a trip with my family tonight...
and i wil back here at 29 morning~
god bless me~

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Colour of My Hair 18/11

I went Central with ah Yik again....
I bought a box of dark brown hair dye
it was chosen by ah Yik...
i met laki at there..she came with her sis...
and i saw she baught so many clothes...omg..
she really is a "shopping queen"...XD
we stayed at there for abt 2 hours only...
then,i went back to ah yik's house and then started  to dye my hair...
she was so professional...hahaha
i waited for abt 1 hour and then washed my hair...
my hair changed to dark brown and a bit red..
i like tis kind of colour...
it was so nice....
it was suitable for me...
i look younger now....
we went Tesco to buy sportshoes...
we took photo at there  XD
we were so abnormal...
all of u can see the difference of my hair between after dying and before dying....
i wan to say i miss my friends here~~~

it's the time to show pictures~~~

we are acting cute XD

Class Party 17/11

We held our class party on 17/11 at Tasty Corner~
actually the time was 7.30P.M
but almost of them were late including me... XD
anyway...this wont  influent our mood~~
we took so many photos and ate so many food~
i love tomyam steambot so much~
it let me felt its hotness and spicyness~
wohooo~so many words but i just can say it was hot and spicy~
i love it~
the funniest thing was whn they were taking photo i said "neng som sam"(1,2,3)
make them laugh non-stop
then,we talked loudly at there and laughed loudly...
anyway,we didn't care about the others
there was our planet..haha
however,our cuttiest face make the workers there didn't stop us~ shy eh...
i love 2.2
i wan to say that without that AUTOCRAZY people,we spent our happiest time at there....
i hope that i will different class with him next year...
god bless me~~ 

it's the time to show pic lor~~~
 yi jia^^
 ah miao ^^

 ah tze^^
 ah miao bully me~
 a big family~~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Fullstop of Our Form 2 Life 11/11

Today is the last school day~
and the fullstop of our form 2 life
it was a memorable,enjoyable and heavy-hearted day
tis year passes as fast as thunder~
i dont wanna put a fullstop at my form 2 life....
an insane life....
 however, we cant control the time from flowing...passing...
 even though we are the richest man in the whole world
 i felt wanna cry....
it was a crazy life...
a fairytale life.....
whn i played together with my friends...
i felt very very  happy and crazy
no one can even make me feel like tis~
i ♥ this kind of life~
today i bought MC Donald to school~
i bought 9 MC Chicken and 2 Spicy chicken~
whatever valerie bought a blueberry cake to school~
yummy yummy ^^
we had our "cake party" in our class~
so yeng~~~
we sang song and played in the class~
i cant sang well because i'm sick....
when they heard my sound...they laugh non-stop..
 valerie,yeeling wong and i bring phone to school
all of us take so many pic...
it wil become our beautiful memory....
the funniest thing is my camera shot jor...
laki and a miao fixed the camera...XD
At the end we hug tightly....
i felt heavy-hearted....
i felt wanna to cry....
whn i hug bee xin...i really feeling  want to cry...
i dont knw when i can see her again...
i dont knw when we can talk again....
i dont knw when we can sing song together again....
i will miss u~♥
i will miss all of u,my friends~
all of u are awesome!!!
pls dont 4get me~
even though we will separate at one day
 but our memories are meaningful~
i will treasure.....

its the time to show today pic~~
 = =|| i'm dancing~
 My mum~~
 Blueberry Cake~

 elena with me
 = =
in jail???
laki and me~
 Ying and Xin
wt r they doing???

Xin and Ying
Ying and Me
= =
Y i laugh like tis??
2 leng lui XD
 Siao Kia~~
Ki Hiao = =
Xin and Me~
 Wt is bee xin looking 4?
 Wt r they doing???
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