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Friday, January 20, 2012

VM Day 20/1

I felt very happy and grateful today,WHY??because i gathered with my friends today!
i'm so happy about that although some of them was absent,but its ok,its enough ;)
i told myself,i must treasure what do i have now,i feel that everything is easy to go,and i will regret soon,i dont want to loss what do i have
i got this mind since i faced that accident,you can't imagine when you're nearly to loss all the things you have what kind of feel it is...i felt hopeless,so far i don't want to die  when i'm still a teen,so please hear what i said,TREASURE,especially is your family.CNY is around the corner,back home to have a reunion with your family,i hope you'll get it ;)

okok,back to the topic,i was gathered with,ah miao,ah saw,m.ying,x.tze,q.ying,p.chieh.t.chien and thomas today,luckily we're free today
after school reopened we all were busying in homework and tuition,we had no time to gather.finally we met today ;)
firstly,we watched <逆战>,just me,ah miao,m.ying and p.chieh watched only,rest of them because out of time so didn't watch this movie,i said to them,you all will REGRET because you all didn't watch this movie!!hahahaha,laughed you all =P lalala
this movie 100% you must watch if not you sure regret!!this movie can fight with but i think is more nice! the movie include of many booms and a lot of guns,COOL!! i like it =P
after that we rushed to watch <阿炳,心想事成>  ,what a boring movie compare with <逆战>, trust me,dont waste your time on
 <阿炳,心想事成> ,this is my suggestion,if you think that is better also nevermind,i just share my opinion to you all only,don't care it too much ;)

look eccentric,right??=P 

like this most =D 

funny =D 



Secret Recipe menu is in my hand =D

Pizza,=D look at q.ying hand,what is she hanging ??=D 

ah saw said me like a ghost -,- 

enjoy kissing with snoopy =D hahaha we took a lot of photography by using ah saw & ah miao new Ipad 2,haha,we were crazy-ing of that,a lot of  fun and make me laugh like a 38>.<

oh yess,i get my laptop yesterday,its red in colour.HOHO,DELL inpiron 15R
my dad bought it for me as my 8A present,i like it very much :*


Friday, January 6, 2012

Daddy Birthday 1/5

1/5 is my lovely Daddy birthday =D this year was different with last few years,we got a bit changes,i knew this changes make my daddy felt very morning my mummy cooked 2 red eggs (chinese people will cooked red eggs for the birthday person),and write some touching words,and i know,my mummy know and my dad know only =D
erm.. around 4pm, i go central with my brother to meet Sunidsa then we chose the present together,we chose "Crocodile" shirt for my daddy present, we knew my daddy like to wear "Crocodile"brand,and its not cheap too, it priced RM200++ (a big hole of my pocket,but never mind everything is worth) :)
at night,we went Mae Sa Long to have our dinner,we had delicious food at there,nice ;)

all pictures were took by Iphone only, we forgot take camera went go there><
my lovely family =D

Present =D 

 Thai food always is my love =D
 my daddy with the birthday cake =D
Fat me>< 

The Birthday Cake =D

 crazy me ><

 i'm trying to get the oreon on the cake =D

my sister copy me =D

its already school reopened,i chose Sastra class,this my final decide,and i already pass up my form =D
a good new is the school accept my application,ya, now i'm a sastra student.i want to explain to those who misunderstanding read satra is no future,oh no,please dont be so foolish,sastra has their own future,sastra doesn't means that just weak student can read only,i want to say i'm 8As student and I'm a sastra student!I proud of this!!

before i change to sastra, i'm in a class that everyone call it "elite class" ,my school has 2 classes for those who got 8As in PMR,i stayed at there,i felt *stress*,and no one talked with me,the class was very quiet and serious,this was not what i want,i loose my happiness there,feel want to suicide , everyday when i walked into the class,i just felt scary only,really dislike!! i swear i want change to other class,if not i will die at that class,finally i done!! i wont is my life in this year,i look forward of my form 4 life =D


Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Last Day of 2011 (countdown)

wohoo,finally i can sit infront my laptop to blog =) what a meaningful day,i ever never forget about this day,this is my first time to countdown with my friends,and i knew new friends there.

Lets check it out what surprise things happened in 2011 in my life =)
  1. I got 8As in PMR (really surprise,i don't even think about i will got it )
  2. I'm the monitor of 3.2 class (although i'm not enough responsible ;) )
  3. I ponteng class (but i didn't catch my teacher )
  4. I traveled with my friends (even though just Penang and Genting,but its enough of me)
  5. I didn't sick badly (yes,i'm strong)
  6. I hurt by someone =(
  7. I'm single now =)
  8. I become fatter (oh no)
I think thats all,someone access in my life,and someone lost from my life,i won't feel sad because we're too small and the life is long,we have to face it,just let it go ;)
I love 2011,i can't imagine how is my form 4 life,full of tuition and study,a new begin,a new life *stress* i dislike it,really dislike,so what should i choose?science or sastra?i'm wondering,which 1 is better for me?and for my future,thats was i wondering about,i'm helpless,who can help me now??8As not necessarily want to choose science class,right?*stop saying about academic*

today i hang out with friends,all crazy friends,haha,at first i go central first to meet yew foo to get my contact lens,then burn fetched me went village mall to meet wen,ting and min,we watch Mission Impossible-Ghost Protogol  together with burn,cool man,i like this movie,the movie story very nervous and irritate,really nice,those who didn't watch yet,faster go and watch ;) after that,we went Station 1 to have our dinner,burn fetched us went to black box,thank you har =D

we very high at there ,but not really high like last time because some guys were so quite,we're so uneasy
i knew  new friends,ahaha,they are Ah Hong and Min ,they were so nice and kind. really*
there was a firework show,such beautiful,but not as beautiful as London one~if you want to watch the firework video , CLICK HERE =D

yik =D 

the middle one,is ah hong =D 

ting =D 

this call girls =D 

high like....(speechless) haha

Peace =D

thats no over yet,M.Yik and M.Chee back with me,we went "Lao You" to meet my mum *omg,danced at there,high high,i  reached home about 3am,yes is 3am,and now 4.18am i'm still blogging,no need to sleep yar ;)

more pictures will added soon =D
i hope that all my friends and family can be healthy in future =D

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thx a lot~

Friday, December 30, 2011

VM 30/12

hohoho,dear bloggers,i'm back,do you all still remember me?? *hiak hiak*
today i hang out with my dearest friends,guess who are them?? i think we did not meet entire holidays,ya, we were busy our own things,finally we met today =)
we watched "23.59" what a scary movie -.-'' we shouted like a child,hahaha
those who doesn't watch yet ,must watch it!!it damn nice and a little bit funny,alright scary is more
before we watch movie, we went Starbucks to chit chat and had some coffee,love love ;)

let's check it out the pictures ;)
 wohoo,who this guy??huh,please dont miss-understand yar,he is my good friend,oh ya,just friend only.we are buddy ;) u can ignore my fatty face><

 with lovely xin =)
 take 2 =D

 take 3 =D

 didnt have me in this picture *sad*

with miss.wong =D

like acting cute,ignore it~haha 

us =) 

i want watch this movie!!laughing sir and bosco!!my love~~ 

with Miao~ 

oh right,stay tuned,more pictures will add =)
and i gonna countdown with babisin them tomorrow night at black box,*excited*

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