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Friday, January 6, 2012

Daddy Birthday 1/5

1/5 is my lovely Daddy birthday =D this year was different with last few years,we got a bit changes,i knew this changes make my daddy felt very morning my mummy cooked 2 red eggs (chinese people will cooked red eggs for the birthday person),and write some touching words,and i know,my mummy know and my dad know only =D
erm.. around 4pm, i go central with my brother to meet Sunidsa then we chose the present together,we chose "Crocodile" shirt for my daddy present, we knew my daddy like to wear "Crocodile"brand,and its not cheap too, it priced RM200++ (a big hole of my pocket,but never mind everything is worth) :)
at night,we went Mae Sa Long to have our dinner,we had delicious food at there,nice ;)

all pictures were took by Iphone only, we forgot take camera went go there><
my lovely family =D

Present =D 

 Thai food always is my love =D
 my daddy with the birthday cake =D
Fat me>< 

The Birthday Cake =D

 crazy me ><

 i'm trying to get the oreon on the cake =D

my sister copy me =D

its already school reopened,i chose Sastra class,this my final decide,and i already pass up my form =D
a good new is the school accept my application,ya, now i'm a sastra student.i want to explain to those who misunderstanding read satra is no future,oh no,please dont be so foolish,sastra has their own future,sastra doesn't means that just weak student can read only,i want to say i'm 8As student and I'm a sastra student!I proud of this!!

before i change to sastra, i'm in a class that everyone call it "elite class" ,my school has 2 classes for those who got 8As in PMR,i stayed at there,i felt *stress*,and no one talked with me,the class was very quiet and serious,this was not what i want,i loose my happiness there,feel want to suicide , everyday when i walked into the class,i just felt scary only,really dislike!! i swear i want change to other class,if not i will die at that class,finally i done!! i wont is my life in this year,i look forward of my form 4 life =D