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Friday, January 20, 2012

VM Day 20/1

I felt very happy and grateful today,WHY??because i gathered with my friends today!
i'm so happy about that although some of them was absent,but its ok,its enough ;)
i told myself,i must treasure what do i have now,i feel that everything is easy to go,and i will regret soon,i dont want to loss what do i have
i got this mind since i faced that accident,you can't imagine when you're nearly to loss all the things you have what kind of feel it is...i felt hopeless,so far i don't want to die  when i'm still a teen,so please hear what i said,TREASURE,especially is your family.CNY is around the corner,back home to have a reunion with your family,i hope you'll get it ;)

okok,back to the topic,i was gathered with,ah miao,ah saw,m.ying,x.tze,q.ying,p.chieh.t.chien and thomas today,luckily we're free today
after school reopened we all were busying in homework and tuition,we had no time to gather.finally we met today ;)
firstly,we watched <逆战>,just me,ah miao,m.ying and p.chieh watched only,rest of them because out of time so didn't watch this movie,i said to them,you all will REGRET because you all didn't watch this movie!!hahahaha,laughed you all =P lalala
this movie 100% you must watch if not you sure regret!!this movie can fight with but i think is more nice! the movie include of many booms and a lot of guns,COOL!! i like it =P
after that we rushed to watch <阿炳,心想事成>  ,what a boring movie compare with <逆战>, trust me,dont waste your time on
 <阿炳,心想事成> ,this is my suggestion,if you think that is better also nevermind,i just share my opinion to you all only,don't care it too much ;)

look eccentric,right??=P 

like this most =D 

funny =D 



Secret Recipe menu is in my hand =D

Pizza,=D look at q.ying hand,what is she hanging ??=D 

ah saw said me like a ghost -,- 

enjoy kissing with snoopy =D hahaha we took a lot of photography by using ah saw & ah miao new Ipad 2,haha,we were crazy-ing of that,a lot of  fun and make me laugh like a 38>.<

oh yess,i get my laptop yesterday,its red in colour.HOHO,DELL inpiron 15R
my dad bought it for me as my 8A present,i like it very much :*