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Friday, December 30, 2011

VM 30/12

hohoho,dear bloggers,i'm back,do you all still remember me?? *hiak hiak*
today i hang out with my dearest friends,guess who are them?? i think we did not meet entire holidays,ya, we were busy our own things,finally we met today =)
we watched "23.59" what a scary movie -.-'' we shouted like a child,hahaha
those who doesn't watch yet ,must watch it!!it damn nice and a little bit funny,alright scary is more
before we watch movie, we went Starbucks to chit chat and had some coffee,love love ;)

let's check it out the pictures ;)
 wohoo,who this guy??huh,please dont miss-understand yar,he is my good friend,oh ya,just friend only.we are buddy ;) u can ignore my fatty face><

 with lovely xin =)
 take 2 =D

 take 3 =D

 didnt have me in this picture *sad*

with miss.wong =D

like acting cute,ignore it~haha 

us =) 

i want watch this movie!!laughing sir and bosco!!my love~~ 

with Miao~ 

oh right,stay tuned,more pictures will add =)
and i gonna countdown with babisin them tomorrow night at black box,*excited*

please help me to click nuffnang advertisement yar ,thanks a lot =)

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